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Pretty Girls Travel Alone Too

My first annual solo trip began in 2012 and since I have inspired many ladies to take the plunge. I am a single mother of 2 and I find this is the best and only way for me to recharge my "mommy batteries" and have some quality "ME" time. The joy of silence, sleeping in, dining out, long naps by the beach/pool, long walks and privacy in the bathroom are what make these trips priceless. Here are some tips that might help you take the leap and join the club.

Grand Cayman

Tips #1 - Picking a destination:

Sun, sun, sun and more what works best for me. I pick locations based on the weather. I have a wish list of travel locations and based on my schedule and my findings on, I then make my decision. However I recommend making a travel wish list or vision board and working off that list for destination ideas.

Tip #2 - Picking a hotel/resort:

Booking your hotel/resort is the most important part of your trip. For safety reasons I strongly recommend a resort verses a hotel because resorts offer an array of activities and amenities in a central location. I personally don’t travel far from my hotel unless I am familiar with the location or the hotel has excursion options.

If possible book a hotel/resort with a “cashless” option. This will allow you to use your room key to make purchases and you can leave your cash and ATM in a safe box inside your hotel room. When alone you have no one to watch your stuff while you are inside the beach or pool so the less the better.

When traveling alone I always say to splurge on yourself and don't hold back. Read the trip advisor reviews and do your research. This trip is all about you. Save up and go to the best because you deserve it.

Bonus Tip: When you book your hotel make a special request to be near the elevator. Walking a huge hotel at night alone is never fun. Also request a room on the upper floors. I sleep better knowing that no one can walk into my room via balcony of sliding outside doors.

Tip #3 - Transportation:

When traveling alone I prefer the hotel transfer services. I don’t recommend hailing a taxi or haggling with locals. The hotel transfers are a worry free option to get to and from the airport without the drama. I usually carry $5-10 US Dollars in my back pocket to tip the driver.

Tip #4 - Luggage:

Travel light; shorts, sandals, tops, sundress and swimsuits. Stick with a carry-on with wheels so you can move quickly and independently. The less the better.

Tip #5 - Calling Home:

I know it’s "you" time but make sure to call home on a daily basics. You are far away from home, the only way someone will know something is wrong is when you don't follow the routine.

Bonus Tip: I suggest purchasing a $20 calling card before your trip. Some mobile phones do not work in some areas outside of the US. Also make sure you download WhatsApp & Talkatone to your phone. These are awesome apps that allow you to call back home via WiFi, if available.

Tip #6 - Have Fun & Be Safe!:

I don’t drink but if I did I would not go on a drinking binge while traveling alone. Remember you are alone so you need to be fully alert at all times.

I personally do not tell everyone I am alone. I follow my gut and tell only a selected few. In the past I have lied to folks and said "My husband was under the weather and in the room" or "My BFF's flight was delayed and she is arrive tonight." Be observant and always use common sense.

Enjoy your time alone and...

Dance and sing like no one is looking. No one will tell on you.

Book some time at the spa, it will be the topping on the cake.

Bring a journal and jot your thoughts and ideas. The best ideas come when you are alone.

Always wanted to wear a bikini? This is the time to practice your boldness.

Take lots of pictures and videos this is a major life experience that you will always want to remember.

Don't let anyone scare you out of this. Make up your mind to go and enjoy because you are worth it.

Share your experience and favorite destinations in the comments below.

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