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Model 101: Creating Your Best Modeling Portfolio

Pick wisely.

Book a photographer that has experience shooting plus size models and has a good track record with fellow models. Before picking your photographer, check out his/her website, social media accounts and Google them. You can also ask other ladies for recommendations. New models should shot with a photographer who is professional, patient, creative and makes you feel comfortable in front of the camera. It's not as easy as it looks.

Have a vision.

Many professional shoots have a mood board onset. This is similar to a vision board. It's a place of reference to see how the creator invasions hair, makeup, styling and poses. The same will be helpful for your photoshoot so that everyone on set is align to your vision. You can find inspiration from your favorite magazines, models or brands.

The 'A' team.

Photoshoots require a team effort. The team is hair, makeup, wardrobe stylist and photographer. Pick a team that can work nicely with others and is open minded. If you can find a team that has worked before in the past you will save yourself a lot of trouble.


Sleep well the night before. Avoid salty foods a few days before to avoid bloating. Avoid soda and drink lots of water weeks before to assure your skin is looking great. Avoid tight clothes the day of the shoot to prevent any dents and marks on your skin. Get your hair, nails, toes, eyebrows, bikini & legs wax/shaved. Avoid tanning, new products or hair dyes at least 2 weeks before the shoot.

Save your funds.

Photoshoots for your portfolio is a costly expense. Don't cut any corners. Some jobs will hire you directly from your pictures. A good photographer will cost around $500-600, hair/makeup can cost between $300-400 and a wardrobe stylist can range from $400-600. These are all estimates and many have group deals and special holiday promotions. Don't be shy and contact them. let them know your budget and what you looking to achieve. Some might work out a deal for you if you ask professionally. Remember this is an investment and when you book that first job you will easily pay yourself back and have money left over.


You should shoot at least 2-3 times a year or if something changed such as weight lost or hair style. However pictures from a well done photo shoot could be used for years. Avoid shoots that are season specific and assure that your clothing selection incorporates timeless pieces and basic color schemes.

Need recommendations? Leave your questions in the comment section.

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