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Model 101: Full Figured Fashion Week Casting Tips

Full Figured Fashion Week is celebrating it's 10th year anniversary and I am very excited. I love the Full Figured Fashion Week team, Creator/Executive Producer, Gwen DeVoe and the Casting Director, Sharon Quinn.

I had the pleasure of gracing the catwalk for Full Figured Fashion Week several times and joined the Full Figured Fashion Week team during the last leg of casting in NYC. I decided to help my girls out this year and offer some tips.


Castings are JUDGE ZONES. When attending a casting you will be judged! So prepare yourself.

  • Do not come dress for the club.

  • Do not come dress for church.

  • Find a happy medium. An ideal outfit for casting is a straight leg dark denim, a black fitted crew tee or tank top and 4 inches or higher heels. You can also wear a solid bodycon dress with the appropriate undergarment. Show your figure but don’t be too revealing.

  • Wear body foundation that wont restrict your ability to walk or breathe. Casting wait times can be long. I love Spanx because they keep you together without altering your natural figure.

  • Wear the proper bra. A bra that has too much spillage such as the demi cut will make your breast bounce all through your catwalk...and that is so distracting. Also, bras have expiration dates. They work HARD to keep your puppies up all day. When they stop working you need to replace them. Get fitted for a bra and purchase a new one with support and coverage. Trust me, this will change your appearance and your walk. Below is a sample of an expired bra. Might be comfy but not going to work for this casting.

  • Buy your casting shoes NOW. The more you wear them around the house the more confident you will feel during casting. Don't come to casting wearing your heels. Again Full Figured Fashion Week is a big deal and wait times can be long. Pack your heels and come in flats....preserve your feet until Showtime. You should NOT wear wedges, booties, boots, sandals or open toe shoes. Heels should be over 4 inches...the higher you can go the better. My favorite shoe brand for castings and fashion shows are Jessica Simpsons. They offer amazing styles, are made sturdy and offer a hidden platform that provides you a little extra height (if needed). Don't go for the super cheap shoe and risk breaking an ankle. Not all shoes can hold up all this body ;-).

  • Makeup should be light but there. If you have skin blemishes and/or visible tattoos please cover them. Stay away from the double lashes, colorful lip or raccoon eyes. Ideal makeup should be soft, warm, golden glow, natural looking eyebrows, a lip color from the pink/nude family and some LIGHT highlighting & contouring. Showcase your beauty. Here are some examples.

  • Full Figured Fashion Week does not allow wigs on the runway. However, tracks, full weaves and clip-ins are acceptable. I suggest you come to casting with hair as close to the one you natural have or use the options I listed above. I encourage natural and girls rocking a bald style to come as-is and ditch the wigs.


To succeed at any casting you must be prepared. Preparation begins at home months/weeks/days before casting.

  • Other then your heels the 2nd most important item to bring is your comp card/pictures. Try your hardest to get a comp card online and printed before casting. Your comp card should have a current number, measurements (height, bust, waist, hips, dress size) and your name. Your pictures should look like the person at casting. If you rock your hair straight and curly, then put a picture of both looks on the comp card. Make sure the pictures are or look professionally done. Avoid distracting backgrounds such as a group picture or a picture behind a graffiti wall. Pictures that will guarantee a NO are; a selfie, a picture with your eyes closed, a profile picture, a picture of you naked or semi naked. Lighting is key in any picture, so consider that when taking the picture. Stay away from heavy Photoshop that remove your pores and give you a unrealistic look. After you leave the casting the only thing that remains with them is your pictures...make sure you leave the best representation of yourself.

  • Come with a positive attitude. The minute you step in the building greet everyone with a smile, be polite and avoid any gossiping with your neighbors. Believe it or not you are being judged before you reach the casting room/ table so watch what you say and do.

  • Follow directions set by the staff. The website has a few documents that need to be filled out and brought with you to casting. Go to for directions.

  • Showcase a straight and clean runway walk. Don't know what that is? Then go to YouTube and start studying previous Full Figured Fashion Week shows. Stay away from the spins, dips, shakes and shimmy. That is probably a hit at your local shows but trust me it won't make the cut at this casting. Casting Director Sharon Quinn likes smiles and happy models. So make sure you give them a variety of smize and smiles during your runway walk. Show the judges you are confident and happy to be there. Walk into the casting area with energy and enthusiasm. Never look down to the floor and BRING YOUR 'A' GAME. I suggest practicing in front of a mirror every night.

  • Most models travel. Don't pass on your dreams because Full Figured Fashion Week is not casting in your city. Gather some friends and take a road trip if possible or a day trip to a city near you.

  • Arrive early. Eat something light. Bring some light snacks (crackers, nuts, M&Ms) and water.

  • Bring a travel kit for makeup/hair touchups if needed.

  • YOU SHOULD NOT BRING ANYONE TO CASTING. Examples; Don't bring a friend that is not casting, Don't bring a child, Don't bring your significant other. They can wait in the car or outside the venue. Castings are 'job interviews' and who takes friends & family to those?

Good luck ladies and gents. Remember thousands will audition but only a few are selected. Don't be discourage if you are not selected and don't give up trying. Every casting and every experience is preparing you for your Supermodel status.

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