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Juggling Mommy Duties & Plus Size Modeling

I am a single mother of 2. An Autistic son who is struggling with transition to adulthood and a sassy 7 year old that attends a very demanding charter school. These components in my life make it hard for me to do everything and be everywhere. When I first started, I only had 1 child and I was a juggling master but lately I am more selective on what kind of jobs, projects & events I can accept.

Seeing other mothers in the industry travel the world, take their kids to gigs or stay busy is always cool to watch however that doesn’t work for me. I am a hands on kinda mom and I rather miss an opportunity if it meant it would affect my children’s education or daily structure. However I don't want this to discouraged any mothers out there—-being a mother in this industry is not easy but it’s very doable. I am thankful to be in this industry for over 15 years and my accomplishments have exceeded anything I dreamed of.

Here are some ways I keep my foot in the industry while keeping my mommy duties under control.

1. Find projects that are able to fit around your schedule

Recently I started working at QVC because the network is on 24/7, these flexible hours allow me to manage my schedule and work when the kids are in school/work or asleep.

You can always request specific hours/days from clients and "if it's meant to will be". Don't stress yourself.

2. Explore Influencer/Blogger opportunities

Thanks to social media, clients are now recruiting and paying models, influencers and bloggers to post about products and events. This is an easy way to stay in the mix and get paid from the comfort of your home. Check out website such as AspireIQ (Formerly Revfluence) and Upfluence. Also, stay active on social media, keep your accounts & bio updated and always keep your pages “client friendly”. Meaning no offensive or sexual post.

3. Consider fit modeling

Yes its cool being in front of the camera but the truth is that being a fit model is more lucrative and the hours are shorter which is always helpful for a mommy on the go. Search Google for some local fit model agencies and submit for more detail.

4. Never give up

Do not get discouraged by looking at other models and how much they are doing. Your efforts and opportunities match your lifestyle and should never be compared. Kids grow up, schedules change and life what didn’t work today can totally work tomorrow. Do what you can with what you have.

5. Keep the dream alive

I stay prayed up. I believe that my blessings are protected with my name on it and in time they will all be delivered to me. If you keep that attitude and keep doing your best in all aspect of life...God will assure this happens.

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