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5 Misconception of Plus Size Models

Plus Size models are the new “IT” thing these days but we still have major doubters. Here are some misconceptions I want to clear up.

You Are Promoting Obesity

Over 67% of women in America are over a size 14 and likely considered obese. Plus size models are simply representing those women in the world of fashion and entertainment. Guess what? We need to wear clothes and we enjoy fashion too. Plus size models do not jump on a soap box and give speeches about our weight, obesity or health. So it makes no sense to say we are promoting obesity. I never read a headline saying ‘Straight Size’ models are prompting anorexia. Have you? I personally promote confidence, self-love and I am here to show my curvy divas how to flaunt our curves in the latest fashion trends.

You Are Unhealthy

Last time I checked I had a clean bill of health. Yes obesity can be a health concern to some however so is malnutrition and underweight. Most professional plus size models workout religiously to maintain our curvy figures and develop stamina to survive our long work hours on set. Unless you have a MD and access to my medical records, please don’t assume or diagnose me.

You Don’t Look That Big

This is the biggest misconception that comes from other plus size women…likely outside of the industry. Many don’t know this but standard plus size models begin at a size 8/10. I am a size 14 or 16 on a good day. Plus size women come in all shapes and sizes. It makes no sense to attempt to discredit my curves because they don’t look like yours. If you want to see how big I look, please stand a ‘straight size’ model at size 00, 0 or 2 next too me, then it will totally make sense to you. #AllCurvesMatter

You Make So Much Money

Yes modeling can be very lucrative but unpredictable at times. Most experience models have other forms of income such as public speaking engagements, brand collaborations, workshop facilitator, hosting, acting, influencer and many other. Modeling is an expensive career that require lots of out-of-pocket cost.

As a model you consistently need new pictures, presentable clothes for castings and events, makeup, skincare, hair, travel, website, comp cards and I can go on and on and on. Many folks gravitate to becoming a print model, which is the models you see on ads, campaigns, magazines and websites but those models make pennies compared to fit models who work behind the scenes and usually have a steady income at all times.

Plus Size Modeling is Just a Phase

I been a plus size model for over a decade and I know others that been in the business for way longer. Plus size modeling is not new but some Generation X and Millennials are falling for the media tricks that say "this is the new wave". It isn't new and it is not a phase. However if modeling disappeared tomorrow I will adjust and move on because most of my greatest achievements have zero to do with modeling. I am a mother of two awesome kids and my son has Autism. They are my pride and joy and I would rather be and do anything with those two then be anywhere in the world.

In addition to being a mom I take my position as ‘Role-Model’ very seriously. I am not thrilled with some of the women highlighted in the media these days and I have a 6 year old daughter that is currently a sponge. I am making it my personal business to make sure I AM the woman she looks up to while motivating her to be even better than me.

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