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Mommy & Me Insta Takeover

I am a proud parent of a Success Academy scholar. Success Academy has 46 high performing charter schools in NYC and as of 2015 the network has 9,000 students in schools in every NYC borough except Staten Island. Founder and CEO Eva Moskowitz opened the first Success school, the Harlem Success Academy, in 2006.

Before I enrolled my daughter Cailey, I read reviews where other parents criticized the school for its strict curriculum and demanding schedule. My daughter loves school and has become a better reader and learner after becoming a Success Academy Scholar. However, the progress is a joint effort between the school and parents. I make sure Cailey is at school every day and on-time. In addition, I make sure my scholar is reading, practicing her writing, spelling and math daily. Yes, that might be a lot for some but I believe that consistency develops routines and this routine will develop the learning ethic my scholar will need to succeed.

In addition to academics, Cailey attends dance club provided by the academy which will enrich her love of performing and is also learning to become an awesome chess player through their chess program. Chess allows kids to fall in love with thinking, improve concentration and so much more.

Last week I was allowed to share my day to day activity on the network’s Instagram page and we received so many positive feedback from parents, friends and family that I wanted to share it on my blog in case you missed it.

If you want to learn more about Success Academy or interested in enrollment click here.

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