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5 Common Modeling Mistakes

Some of these mistake are very common but from experience we quickly learn never to repeat them again. However I am sharing these hiccups so the next girl can avoid them.

Don’t Rush To Release All Your New Pictures

When you have an awesome shoot we are always so excited to share them that we usually release them prematurely. Never release pictures on social media without correcting lighting or obvious flaws like a pimple, flyaway, red eye or smudge makeup. Those minor retouches can make a world of difference and change the picture from good to great. Be patient and release the GREAT version.

Don’t Vent On Line

Yes we all love a good tea and we all have moments of weakness but as a model you need to protect your brand and any issues you are having should be invisible to the outside world. If you are having marital issues, baby daddy drama, backstabbing friends or problem getting paid that should be issues that you discuss with your close friends via text. Never on social media. No one wants to work with a person who is full of drama and/or has bad vibes. The same goes with bashing the law, discussing politics and religion. As a public figure you need to keep some opinions to yourself. You can be an activist and use your platform for positivity but know this….some of your potential clients will not share your same views and your vocal approach might cause you the job.

Don’t Get Discourage After Not Getting the Gig

Within modeling you will receive more NOs then YESs. The best way to handle this is to pray and know that what is for you will be yours. Always remember that every casting is an opportunity to introduce your face and talents to folks within the industry, so give it your best and let it go.

Don’t Follow the Crowd

There are many roads to success. If one leads you to a roadblock simply reverse and take a different path. What works for me is not guaranteed to work for you. I encourage modeling 101 classes and mentorship however I also say my disclaimer which is “Learn from my mistakes and journey but remix what you learn and make your own path to success.” Aspiring models want to be the next Ashley Graham, Liris Croose, Denise Bidot or Christina Mendez but the truth is you can never replicate decades of work overnight. Not everyone is built to endure the challenges that we have dealt with to become us….and I never want you to. So aspire to be the better versions of us and take the Plus Size Culture to higher levels.

Don’t Underestimate Your Social Media Power

Social media can be your ticket to the top or the reason you fail. You should have a public social media account where potential clients can see great pictures of you, your interest, view your interaction with followers and determine if you are a good fit for their brand. Keep your social media page “family friendly” at all times. No cursing, no heavy nudity and no wild weekend moments. If your momma or pastor avoid your page then clean it up ASAP.

Be active and engaging online to increase your followers. Always be positive and highlight the best YOU on social media.

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